Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Auckland continued...

As I started to mention in my last post I spent some time working at Highwic gardens and the Nancy Steen Rose Garden. This is all down to the wonderful Sarah Yates, who just happens to be the granddaughter of Nancy Steen (heritage rose legend) and a direct relation of the owners of Highwic.

The Nancy Steen Rose Garden is in a public park in Auckland, with many beds of heritage roses, companion planting and brick pillars and archways it was very much my sort of thing. The garden is nearly entirely run and managed by volunteers, which I find impressive as these people are willing to give up their time in order to make a public space better for everyone. I would highly recommend taking the time to see it as it is quite beautiful. Sarah and her team of volunteers work so hard to keep it looking good and I'm sure they don't get the recognition they deserve.

Highwic is a stunning old property in the area of Newmarket in Auckland which is now run by Historic Places Trust and is well worth a visit. The house is furnished and set out in the same way that it would have been many generations ago and is utterly fascinating. The gardens are looking great at the moment too as they have a Sweet Pea festival this weekend. So if any Aucklanders are reading this then I highly recommend that you check it out. The Sweet Peas are varieties bred by Dr Keith Hammett, who is horticultural royalty, and were all looking and smelling brilliant.


  1. Hi Jonny
    The Nancy Steen garden looks truly beautiful! I wonder if you thought of trying to persuade Sarah and some of her volunteers to try a working holiday at Motti? No great time committment required. 6 months would be fine!
    Keep blogging!

  2. Hi David
    Thank you for the kind words regarding the Nancy Steen garden. I have had a quick word with the volunteers and they are all keen to join you for a working holiday at Mottisfont. Any chance you can have a quick whip around to help us out with airfares? Yours (in anticipation) Anna, Catherine, Fiona, Jenny, Pauline, Sarah, Wendy
    PS Alternatively, you can bring yourself out to NZ and we will show you around our part of the world. I am sure that Jonny will be able to give you a good account of our hospitality!